Thursday, April 10, 2008

YndeCamp Day 2

Day two highlights will be brief-Just finished my Day One post (see below) and I need to get my gear ready for the road trip to Tucson and my climb up Mt Lemmon tomorrow.

Workout 1: SWIM. Our community has a 25m lap pool, so we decide to do a 3500m swim in the early am. We shared the pool with a water aerobics class which made for true open water like conditions. Despite relatively slower then normal splits, it was hard to complain considering the sun was shining brightly, and I was not at work!

Workout 2: BIKE. We had an 'easy' ride on the schedule today, so we decided to ride to the Ironman Arizona bike course and do the 20 mile section of the Beeline Highway. It's about 10 miles from our place, and with a consistent wind, this ride undoubtedly fell outside the "recovery" zone. 45 miles total miles under beautiful blue skies. Life is good!

Workout 3: RUN. I was pretty tired after the bike and ready to relax, but this was training camp, and there was no room for wimping out. We decided to run into the desert across the street and enjoy the Castus forest and challenging terrain. Although the first 3 minutes felt horrible, the pace steadily increased, and I started to feel much better. We added a few random pick-ups to keep things going, and before I knew it, we had over 7.5 miles under our belt. Awesome!

Next up: (Take a guess)... Quality refueling. The stop at the Market was valuable as we whipped up a delicious veggie, chicked stir fry. Yum Yum.

Ok-time to retire for the evening...Looking forward to an epic ride up Mt Lemmon tomorrow. Apparently, the ride from the base of the mountain to the summit traverses seven of the world’s nine life zones—it’s like riding from Canada to Mexico in 2.5hrs. SWEET!