Monday, June 30, 2008

Surfacing... Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!! (well technically a few hours away) but it’s already July 1st in Newfoundland and that's my favorite province.


Indeed, I've been slacking in blog land...but I live in MN and summer has finally arrived! That pretty much sums it up, and making the most of the great weather undoubtedly trumps blogging. Summer is my favorite season. I love the warm temps and the increased energy all around. This last week was a down/recovery week in my training, which you’d think would allow more time to blog. However, luckily for me, rest week meant more play time with friends and family. We even hosted a YndeParty at our place Sunday afternoon- I could get used to this rest week stuff!!

I received this greeting card in the mail last week, and I thoroughly loved the message. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the pressure of racing, training, work and everything else,but this card helped remind me of all the simple pleasures I have each and every day- Big hugs and kisses to all my charming gardeners... You certainly make my soul blossom.

More photos coming...I can't seem to find the right external Hard Drive.

Racing update: Did HyVee Oly 2 weeks ago after Kerry and I finally decided (two days before the race) to go. We figured it would be a fun road trip, and exciting to watch the pros duke it out for the final Oly team spot. I had a good race, and I was happy to walk away with a winners check.... This past Sunday I did another OLY race in Rochester (Yup, 3 olys in 3 weeks). I'm sure its not ideal to race this often, but I took it down a notch and made it a solid training day- and managed to grab another winners check!! $1250 in two weeks-Time for a new toy-I'm thinking Power tap!!

This coming weekend will be race # 4/6 in my 6 week racing spree. I'm doing a popular local sprint, but what makes it really exciting is that Kiersten, my stepdaughter, is also racing! We'll be wearing matching Fastskins with Yndestad on the bum (thanks to Gear West and Speedo I have two), and it will be fun to watch her celebrate that special joy of reaching the finish line for the first time. …

The two of us had a fun training session together tonight. She’s now comfortable on my road bike (vs. her hybrid cruiser), which should make the 13 mile bike a little easier for her. She actually told me she wants to sign up for more races…OK-this is what she’s saying before the race. Stay tuned to see if that sticks