Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Severe Endorphin Confusion

It’s hard to believe I’ve been enjoying my off season for over a month now. We had the most amazing post Ironman vacation in Hawaii; however as you can imagine, re-entry to the real world was a challenge. While being focused on planning, training, and performing all season (I raced 15 times), the off season initially proved to be a shock to the system… Severe Endorphin Confusion (SEC) to say the least!

I’m happy to report that I’m currently well adjusted to my off season, maybe just a little too much. This time has proven extremely valuable for me as I’ve had time to think, reconnect, and start planning for what lies ahead. Some specific activities include: Participating in Happy Hour at work, visiting the in-laws, taking off beat web development classes, learning new tricks on FAT tires, crashing on roller skis, helping plan the EOY Tri banquet, joining FCA huddles, and experimenting with some unusual RAW recipes. Oh yes, and more significantly I interviewed and was offered a new job.

This internal job opportunity was brought to my attention at the end of September. It sounded like a great position, but I only had one day to get a resume together and submit my application. It was a rushed operation, but figured it would be a good learning experience regardless of outcome. I was invited to a first round interview the Monday after the US OPEN/ also the day before I left for KONA. I felt extremely scattered, and wasn’t expecting to hear from them afterwards. Off to Hawaii I went, and didn’t think much about it!! To my delight, I was invited back for Round 2, and the next day I was offered the job. To be honest, I was hopeful, however realistically, not expecting to get the job. When the offer arrived, reality kicked in and the decision has been much harder than I thought.

The offer came last Wednesday, yet I find myself waiting until the last day to sign the letter. The new job comes with the daunting uncertainly of a new team, manager, and responsibilities. In addition, it’s an entirely new field for me, and with that comes a drop in pay. This is justified with the new learning, development and exposure, but it certainly heightens my indecisiveness. It’s tough to leave the comfort of a manager I love, who has given me the felixibilty to frequently work in AZ during the winter and is a huge supporter of my racing. Deep down however, I know my current work environment is not for me. I’m currently part of the Data Warehouse team, and my current career development path pushes me down an unappealing road. I’ve never been a big Relational Database/ Unix/ Datastage fan, and that’s where they NEED me to be. As I look around my current office and see people stressed with the constant problems and issues (that’s Technology), I realize that it’s not MY place to grow.

This new job is with my existing company; however the position is structured as a Rotational Development program with Audit. I expect to be initially placed with the Technology Audit team, but I won’t know until the program starts in January. I believe it will be a great field for me based on my experience and interests....I also spotted a poster inviting people to join their Tri/Run group- Impressive indeed!

SO....No plans for the pro card for now. I’ll save that story and my 2009 race plans for another day (hint: Ironman Wisconsin and Leadville 100 Mtn bike are on my mind in addition to a whole bunch of fun training camps).