Monday, June 01, 2009

Twin Cities On Bike

After my four hour trans city bike tour, its not hard to understand one of the many reasons people live in the Twin Cities. If you can survive the Winter you become blessed with a beautiful playground! I had an easy ride on my plan last Saturday, and decided to do something a little different. Skip the big group ride, and simply take off on my road bike with no agenda...

Here's a few photos I took along the way. I ended up travelling through seven different cities.

Here's the view of Downtown Saint Paul from the top of the High Bridge. This was about an hour into my ride. Kerry works in the tall building in the middle.

From the same vantage point, here is a view to the West which includes the Cathedral and the High Bridge. Repeats on the high bridge=local cyclists boot camp. I skipped the bridge and took Ohio down to the River. Crossed into downtown and then took Shepherd Road towards Minneapolis.

Here's a view from the Ford Bridge. I'm crossing over the Mississippi to the Minneapolis side of the river. This is part of the Lifetime Fitness bike course.

Lower West River road getting closer to Minneapolis.

The newly rebuilt 35W Bridge.

Getting closer to downtown Minneapolis. The Beige building in the middle is where I get to spend 40+ hours a week.

Hennepin Ave Bridge from the Stone Arch Bridge.

I couldn't resist a stop at the Mill City Farmers market.

YUM...Veg dumplings

Dancers outside the Guthrie.

Heading South on East River road. This is also part of the LTF Bike course. You know you want to register...Come join me :-)

Ok-I felt a little lost here. I wanted to get over to Fort Snelling, but couldn't find the way to the pedestrian path (the road is freeway). I eventually found the stairs, and in cyclo cross style put the bike on my shoulder and went to down.

After cruising through Fort Snelling, then across the Mendota Bridge, I took Hwy 13 home to Apple Valley. A great 70 mile tour. It was such a plesant escape from the routine ride.