Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Adventure- The Endurance Double

Although my blogging track record has been pathetic to say the least, my go-forward plan is to post more frequent commentary or should I say ‘the random scoop’ from the road as I prepare for a new adventure in 2010.

Minnesota Tri news found early interest in my 2010 race plans, but for the short version; Kerry and I both have coveted entry into the LEADVILLE 100 Mtn bike race! Thanks to Lifetime Fitness and their member essay contest, I earned a spot the old fashioned way… By begging!

An excerpt from my essay:

“...My desire to race Leadville is twofold. As previously stated, I’m ready for a new and exciting challenge in 2010. Completing the Leadville race requires a different level of strength and mental endurance- A true test of resilience. In addition to the physical demands required to collect the coveted belt buckle, I’m also looking forward to sharing this unique endurance test with my husband and fellow cycling friends. The camaraderie that forms among the racers is something special, and I would love to experience that first hand with fellow LTF cyclists this summer...“

Although Kerry and I had been dreaming about doing Leadville for many years…Even before the Race Accross the sky movie was released last summer, the second part of my summer endurance adventure plans came to fruition while riding with Patti (2x time Leadville finisher) the day after Ironman Wisconsin. She’d been pumping me full of Leadville stories for the past few years, but on this day, she surprised me by stating that she had just registered for her FIRST Ironman! After returning from Madison and the inspiration that comes from watching an Ironman, Patti provided the final push I needed to go for it. Our ‘Endurance Double’ as born: Leadville August 14th and Ironman Wisconsin September 13th.

Of course we had to wait in anticipation all winter before the lottery and contest winners were announced, but in the end, we were all in!

Here’s a photo from our first training trip to AZ back in Feb: A hiking excursion after our 5 hour Mtn bike the day before. I think AL has SIX Leadville Belt Buckles, so there's no shortage of experience with these two.

Next weekend, we all head back to Arizona to do the Whiskey 50 Mtn bike race in Prescott. With over 7000ft of climbing and Whiskey and live bands afterwards, I expect it will be a weekend to remember…

Races/events I have on the radar:
April 17th: Trail Mix (team 50K running event), Bloomington, MN
April 24th: Whiskey 50 Mtn bike- Prescott, AZ
May 11th: TNT- 12 mile Time Trial, Medina, MN
May 15th: The Brute 200k Road race- Arcadia WI (12,000ft of climbing)
May 25th: TNT- 12 mile Time trail, Medina, MN
May 29th: TwinCities Multisports Club Century ride
June 6th : Buffalo (Olympic) Tri, Buffalo, MN
June 13th: Manitou Sprint, White Bear Lake, MN
June 19th: Barn Burner 100 mile Mtn bike, Flagstaff, AZ (first test of altitude)
July 10th: Lifetime Fitness Tri, Minneapolis (maybe a relay)
July 23-25: Colorado Mountain getaway with Kerry (Leadville preview)
August 14th- LEADVILLE!!!!
4 week to recover
September 13th- Ironman Wisconsin

Can’t wait to see you at the races!