Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bring on 2015 - New Focus, New Team, New Country!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a fun filled holiday season. It’s been an action packed few weeks for me, but it's finally slowing down enough to share some exciting news for the upcoming year. 

New Focus: KY and I will be moving to Switzerland next year, and to simplify the transition and to grow with this new opportunity, I decided to leave my Program Manager job with Life Time Fitness. For the past few years, alongside Troy Jacobson, we built a strong and successful endurance coaching division as part of the Life Time TRI TEAM brand. Although it’s tough to leave Life Time in the midst of exciting initiatives, especially the Commit to TRI partnership with Ironman, I’m extremely jazzed to move forward and grow my own coaching practice. I’ll remain committed to growing the sport and inspiring people to live health inspired lifestyles, all while expanding my existing athlete-coach relationships and services. Thankfully, my online based business makes it possible to continue working with people from anywhere in the world. 

As for racing, I will undoubtably continue training/racing with a focus on building a strong and healthy body. There’s nothing like the joy of breakthrough performances, but building a resilient body capable of an endurance filled lifestyle for the long term is what reinforces my commitment to a balanced training plan.  With that in mind, I have these 2015 events on my radar so far:

New TEAM -  I’m fired up to share that I was selected to be part of the Coeur Sports Elite Tri Team. Coeur which is French for heart (& courage) is a company I instantly admired for their positive and authentic brand message and the incredible sisterhood they’ve created to empower and encourage women via endurance sports. I’m super pumped to be part of this TEAM! Check out this roster and their recent blog post outlining their Best of 2014.  It’s easy to be drawn to their endless positivity and relentless pursuit of quality - Certainly vibes worth sharing! 

Oh and of course, the added bonus is that the Coeur Sports clothing line is full of super cute functional style. When I ordered my first product from them several months ago, I knew they had something special happening at their Santa Monica office. This is how it looked when it arrived: 

It was all the clever details and unexpected flare that immediately drew me in - 100% American made and 100% Heart (Coeur) into their clothing = Perfecto! Check out their stuff here, and the 2015 line is shaping up to be even more awesome.  They were recently featured in Lava Magazine's Best Gear for 2015 preview: 

New Country: Yes, Switzerland! We move at the end of January!

KY and I are fired up for this new adventure. It comes at a perfect time for us and we’ll be leveraging our time in Europe to explore and grow in numerous ways. I’m embracing the cultural differences and I’m eager to surround myself in the region’s rich history and beautiful landscapes.  Who knows what the Swiss life will bring, but I’ll be committed to working hard and growing with each and every opportunity. Although I listed my race schedule above, I will remain open to new challenges and adventures as they arise. I’ve decided to self coach this year in order to be completely flexible with potentially shifting race goals and priorities. There’s certainly a place for precise and focused goal setting, but my primary goal for 2015 is to fully appreciate the european world of endurance (and culinary) inspired possibilities!

Of course, I have various mini goals - One of which I’ve been working on recently.  More pull ups. 

Wishing you all a wonderful health and adventure filled 2015!!