Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fitness Pole Dancing-High Heels Optional!

Yup, you read correctly. Pole dancing was the "activity"of choice for Women's Adventure night. This group, know as WAN, gets together for a monthly dose of fun filled 'adventure'. Although this group originated from a weekly group track workout, it's evolved to include activities such as speed skating, bra fitting, Hip Hop cardio classes etc. Tonight, it led us to Flex Appeal Studio in downtown Minneapolis for a Pole Tricks class. Although, we only had 4 courageous WAN ladies at the studio, the class was full and we were ALL ready for a big jump out of our comfort zone. With Jen, Darcy and Shawn, I was guaranteed a fun, humor filled evening, and that's exactly what I received. Our class was focused on learning new moves instead of a full fledged cardio workout. We stared with a basic spin, and before too long we were dangling upside down. Evidentally, my tri training did not seem to help reduce the number of bruises I'll find on my legs tomorrow, but it certainly qualified as Adventurous. Careful were almost too good with the Pole--You may be recruited!!