Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pigman Sprint-The Equalizer!

No time for suspense…David caught me!! No real shocker there, but it was a great day and a fun twist for the spectators. The RD was so kind - repeatedly asking us what we thought the equalizer should be. He even asked me in private to eliminate any potential DKT influence!! David came up with the suggestion that we simply make the equalizer the difference b/w the M and Ws course record. That seemed pretty fair - David probably figured he could better TJs mark from last year and I was planning on beating my record from last year. Besides it would have been embarassing to lobby for a larger equalizer time and then win…no real victory there :). I was fired up and ready for the challenge. (TJ came down with the stomach flu so he was a no go on Sunday morning.)

The race start crept up faster than I expected, but I was so excited to get going and finally have a chance to do an open water swim (my only other OW swim this year was a race in AZ at the end of April). I took off fast and got out to a quick lead. Swim was pretty uneventful aside from the fact that I forgot to sight, and went a tad off course a few times. Basically the same split as last year.

The bike was awesome! Once again, it was a blast to be up there with the pace car. He was driving with his flashers and just leaning on the horn…It was a good day on the bike as I ended up PR’ing the 15mile course by 45s-Whoa! I was stoked. I told David before the race I was hoping to close with a 19 min run, and when I came out of T2, I had over 20:20m left to break the record. I thought I was in a great place and continued to race hard. I didn’t feel abnormally spent but when I hit the first mile marker I saw 6:45-YIKES..OK there was still time to make that up..i tried to DIG DEEP, but David passed me with a little over half a mile to go… I also looked at my watch and was pretty sure my record would not to be broken. I ended up running 20:50, which was  disappointing. Although I won the Women’s race, I’m still thinking about that run… People seem to think the turnaround was off (most think it was 20-30s off), but STILL??? Of well, maybe the bike took more out of me that I thought. David and I both cashed in with $600 winners checks, but he also received the $750 equalizer money. In addition, this race featured a Team award, and our stellar Gear West team won,
taking home an extra $250 between five of us (top 3 M and 2 W). It’s wonderful that races are stepping up and awarding cash prizes-it really adds a nice bonus.

So, on the topic of Prize Money, I’m faced with a decision for this coming weekend…Go for the $$$ or go for the Fun???? Basically there is another race in IA this weekend offering a great prize purse (just under the USAT 5K limit, but only goes 3 deep). There is also a great local race here in the Cities that I love. Both races are the same sprint distance. Kerry will be busy on kid Soccer duty, and my girlfriends are all staying to race locally, so I'd be leaving the homies. At this stage of my tri life, I DO race for fun, BUT, this would be a new challenge/adventure and a step out of my comfort zone. I'm sure I would still have an enjoyable time in IA (Curt and Christine are going)...

So I created a list to help organize my thoughts-HELP :-)

Manitou (Local):
-Love this race-Great venue and organization.
-Won the last 3 years.
-Get to see a bunch of friends that I have not seen in a while.
-Get to sleep in my own bed.
-Hang out at home Saturday afternoon/evening with my family
-Watch Karin’s soccer game-(My 13 year old step daughter is a star)

-Competition is strong but somewhat predictable
-Already registered and don't like to be a NO SHOW
-KERRY and kids will be there to cheer!!!!

IA race:
-Big money on the line
-Stepping out of the box and the routine to test myself and grow as an athlete
-Good to race against different people that you know nothing about
-Important to see how traveling alone feels (important if I consider going pro)
-Have to drive 3.5 hours each way by myself (but may car pool with Curt and Christine)
-This race would mean 3 trips to IA in one month (I’m doing HyVee in a couple of weeks)
-Get to meet new people.
-The RD has been contacting me, and it is nice to support the race when the RD makes the effort to reach out.
-Important to support the RD who puts forth the big money-which is the only way it will continue.

I will decide on Thursday night, but now I'm off to bed to prep for a solid Butt kicking at the track at 6am tomorrow morning. 200s HeHa!!