Friday, October 10, 2008

Race # 1614- Perfect!

Bike is checked, dinner is settling and legs are up...This is it! I'm SO excited for tomorrow.

Karin was quick to point out that 1614 was the perfect race number for me because Kieresten is 16, and she just turned 14. I would have to agree.

Keeping the words to a minimum tonight-Here are a few photos from the day.

The kidos enjoying their first day in Hawaii.

Finally had a chance to see the gorgeous RR at the pier this morning-She's ready to rip it up tomorrow.

Additonally, thanks to the artisitry from Splish I also found the inspiring Kerrie W. sporting the appropriate Wonder Women suit.

Pam and I pre swim

The Germans invading Lava Java

The three kids (Kerry, Kiersten, and Karin) playing in the window.

I was one of the last few to rack my bike

Ann, my wonderful transition guide.

A beautiful sunset...Good night all.