Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh My...This is it!!!

OK, emotions have been on overdrive. I've been having a blast so far enjoying the Kona Ironman experience, but admittedly my excitement has shifted to fear! This is it... I read ELFs report from her 112 mile ride on Wednesday, and figured my big girl hat (or helmet) better come out. It was an awesome report: she found this quote to help embrace what lied ahead "Essence is what is left behind when all of your defenses are stripped away." So True, and I'll be reflecting on that tomorrow.

She also painted a vivid description of hurt vs discomfort...Liz-Thanks for the great reality check for the very difficult task ahead, but also the valuable insight. Its not hard to tell why you are such a great athlete and coach!

I drove the bike course yesterday and rode the 5 mile decent out of Hawi to get a feel for the legendary crosswinds. Not too bad yesterday, so I'm hoping Madame Pelle will provide much of the same tomorrow.

We picked up the Yndecrew from the airport last night and immediately an enhanced sense of calm swept over me. Wow-the power of family.

On tap for today: short SBR, BIKE check and REST. I expect the family will be on full photo mode, so check back for additional views from the ground!

Additionally, I want to thank you all for the emails and facebook comments. The constant encouragement and support means the world to me and I'll be reflecting on those awesome notes throughout the day on Saturday. A couldn't do this without you. Lots of love...