Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ironman Arizona 2008 Photos

We arrived in Arizona Friday evening, and its been non stop ever since. We hosted two Ironman participants (Merilee and Neil) and had a blast cheering for everyone on Sunday. Kerry and I took a ton of photos, and although many of you have seen Kerry's FB albums, I wanted to post a few of my favorites here.

While temped to stand in line to register for IMAZ 2009 Monday morning, my arm was twisted (thanks JH), and I'm excited and finally COMMITTED to my A race for 2009-Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3. Most of you know why we'd pick that one...Yup, we will give it our best shot to earn the opportunity to head back to KONA next October. Thanks for getting that ball rolling Merilee, and congrats on your Golden Ticket! You made us ALL so darn proud on Sunday!

TriMama in T1 before heading to the water.
It was still pretty dark for the Pro start at 6:50am.

Notice the athlete sitting on the right side...The race had started, but I think he was having second thoughts...Was it the 62 degree water, or the 140.6 miles ahead???

Gear West teammate, and first year Pro Neil Miller heading out of T1.
First Year pro Haley Cooper. After Kona, I knew she was ready for a big day... She ended up finishing 6th and taking home $$. Awesome.
Casey heading out on the bike. Total Mayhem at the start... It looks like a bike race?!?

Tanya Knoll heading out on the bike
Heidi Grimm-I first met Heidi when she went flying by me on the run of the 2006 BOUS Championship. She went on to capture the title before turning pro later that year.
Lars holding true to running the entire marathon. According to FB, he's now in hibernation.
Tri Super Hero Joe Boness...Amazing doesn't even begin to describe him.
Rappstar in the lead after a smoking 4:26 bike split.
I'm pretty sure Haley was a little scared...I cheered like crazy for her all day, but she has no idea who I am.
After a flat tire on the bike, Anthony rallies back for a great finish.
Go Tanya GO!
Here I am cheering for MN Tri Ambassador Steve Gunther.
Doe...or no socks guy. Let's not forget that the IMAZ course is mostly concrete...OUCH!

Best buddies Nate and Carl. It was so neat to see them running togther.
Pam Neilson sporting her Corporate Target attire.

Casey running her way to a PR 11 hour Ironman. Congrats!
Merilee, 48 years young, running her way to a PR 10:54 and KONA slot. We love you Merilee, thanks for making it such a fun weekend.
Pam in her first Ironman finishing in 10:35. WOW!
I was able to do the finish chute catch for Merilee!

HAPPY Thanksgiving everyone!!!