Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15th—Really??!!

It’s hard to believe we've hit the middle of December already. It seems I was just finishing my Thanksgiving Post, yet here I am two weeks later?? I’ve been in a whirlwind lately, and I expect this coming week will be much of the same.
This post is random and scattered…sort of like my mind these days, and its primary purpose is to simply ramble about some of the fun things going on lately. Sort of a “mom its too late to call you back tonight (2.5 hr time change to NFLD), but this is what I’m up to” post.

Last weekend I did an impromptu visit to my big sis in Toronto. I didn’t take many photos in Canada-Hands were too cold to take off the mittens, but it was indeed a fabulous trip. Classic sister time filled with relaxation, running, shopping and dining. Here’s one of my favorite self photos with Pam as we toast to sisterhood and the warming effects of Starbucks Lattes! “CHEERS” It was just a 3 day trip, but it won’t be long before we’re back together again under much warmer conditions.

After arriving home late Sunday night, I decided it was time to embrace winter. I had recently picked up my skis and bike from Gear West, and therefore it was time to play with my fixed up toys. Check out my Toy Trunk-Anybody want to play? It’s sort of like the ispy game. FIND the roller ski…what else can you find????

This past Saturday was a beautiful day for skiing. Our skis were waxed and after a short 60 min spin in the basement (my first ride on my tri bike since Kona), we loaded up the van and headed to Cleary Lake. Kerry and I are both very new to XC skate skiing, but we really love it. I spent my early years Alpine racing (Slalom and GS), but now I prefer Nordic skiing. I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s much easier to stay warm; you don’t spend time on freezing chair lifts, and you can really work up a great sweat. We skied for about an hour, and enjoyed post ski refreshments with our friend Denny. Denny is also new to skiing and it was fun to have him out there with us.

We rushed home from skiing in prep for the Ironman World Championship Broadcast. Lucky for us, we had a few friends show up at the YndePad to watch the show. We especially enjoyed having our out of town visitor - “the south”. Personally, I don’t think it was the best coverage from NBC, but it was inspirational nonetheless. Afterwards, we quickly moved onto Guitar Hero, and enjoyed a fun afternoon together with the peeps.

With Sunday’s miserable weather, we opted for indoor workouts, and LOTS of ELFing. By ELFing I do not mean trying to be Liz (yes, of course I do secretly wish I could be her, well at least write like her), but in this sense, it means I was shopping, wrapping, singing, decorating etc. Holiday Cheer…All gifts were purchased, wrapped and under the tree in one day- PROGRESS.

This week will be a flurry before heading back to AZ for the Holidays. Tonight, I had dinner with the South of the river gals, or as I like to call them "Life Lines". Good times, great chatter and festive consumption. I did find it sort of funny that among the 5 of us, we had difficulty finishing off a bottle of wine. Well I guess it was a Monday night, or was it the 5:30am Masters swim practice looming over people’s minds?? Either way, that’s how we roll, and I love it!!

We have our Holiday work party tomorrow afternoon (70 Technology folks hitting a bowling alley in Minneapolis), which should prove to be somewhat entertaining… Immediately following, we drive to Wisconsin to do an early Christmas celebration with Kerry's parents in Hudson. Certainly no shortage of yuletide glee.

So yes, this post if for you mom...we've exchanged too many voice mails the over the last week......We'll see you soon in Sunny AZ, but in the answer the first question; this is what I'm up to!