Sunday, May 03, 2009

From the two readers I have left (thanks Mom and Dad), I’ve be told an update is due. It’s been a busy few weeks, with no signs of a slowdown. No complaints of course; the race season is here and the spring weather in Minnesota ensures most free time is spent away from my personal computer. Tonight however, desperately needing a night with my feet up, HERE I AM.

Last weekend Kerry and I had a wonderful trip to Florida. Although I wasn’t feeling too confident in my race fitness, I was really looking forward to the vacation. Through Facebook, I found an old High School friend who lives in St. Petersburg, so the excitement to reconnect dismissed all pre-race anxiety. It’s so funny how it works with old friends. We hadn’t talked in almost 10 years, but once we saw each other, there was an immediate reconnection. We had so much catching up to do, and so many great high school memories to laugh about. Melissa is a former collegiate tennis player who’s recently been bitten by the triathlon bug… It always fun to answer all the newbie questions.

Kerry snapped a photo at one point during our 4 hour dinner!

Indeed it's old news now, but the swim cancellation at St. Anthony’s was a disappointment. I believe it was the right call by the RD, but after hearing the news it was really tough to get in the game mentally. I have a lot of work to do on my running, so I looked at this as the perfect opportunity to ride/run as hard as possible without any self enduced placement pressure. Before they called the swim, my pre-race goal was a top 5 finish. Considering I didn’t get to swim (my favorite event), I was very pleased not to mention surprised with my 4th place finish. There are so many things I could share about the race, but I’m just too lazy to write a real race report.

Post race R&R at David's Homestay.

Despite a very relaxing vacation, I returned to a frenzy at work. Once our division EVP uncharacteristically requested everyone’s attendance at his quarterly meeting, we knew something was coming… People were skittish and speculation was rampant. The news was official on Thursday afternoon. Job cuts are looming, but reassurance was supposed to come when he announced that the cuts wouldn’t happen until the end of the year. Now the pressure is on to make the cut. The jockeying for position is in full force, and therefore squeezing in all my workouts has suddenly become more difficult and of course less important. More time in the office and excessive studying for my professional certification is on the horizon.

…well not quite yet.

The weather was perfect this weekend and I was ready to play. With 9 hours of training in the last two days, I didn’t let the news of the work week get me down. Thanks to my training buddies for all the support. It’s amazing how much easier it is to do the mega sessions in the company of great people. I love you guys.

Jules and I thinking about an ice bath in the St. Croix…

And although very late, I just found this photo from the epic climb up Mt Lemmon. This one couldn't go unposted...The famous Pie Shop means we made it!

well...It's time to switch to my work computer. Cheers until next month OR Year...