Thursday, October 09, 2008

Underpants Run

It is so amazing to be here during race week. The last time I was in Kona (2006), we arrived the Friday night before the race and missed some of the fun pre race hoopla. Although I'm trying my best to take it easy this week and not get too caught up in ALL the activities, I couldn't pass up spectating the underpants run.

CH showing her buns

Pam and MJ

Pammie lovin it

Voice of Ironman

Carrie's gang

The girls havin' fun

The Crew

PNF and Lovato

Lava Java pre run & Hula Bean post run

Jeremy and Rich (13x Kona finisher)

I think I'll take a drive to Hawi today, then I get to pick up my family tonight. I'm so excited they can be here to share the Ironman experience with me. I am truly blessed!